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Testing the first 100% recyclable bottle and teat

Steribottle® was the first 100% recyclable bottle and teat, has always been BPA and phthalate free, and is now the first 100% biodegradable* bottle and teat.

We have independently assured the biodegradability of Steribottle® against the internationally recognised ASTM D5511 standard using a renowned and fully accredited third-party laboratory.

The product components PP (bottle) and TPE (teat) with Ecopure® treatment showed 6.4 & 6.9% biodegradation over 30 days using the ASTM D5511 testing method.

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Naturally decomposable and recyclable

Steribottle® products are home compostable, naturally decompose in landfill and recyclable. The choice is yours:

  1. Recycle, where facilities exist; or safely dispose to compost or
  2. Landfill, with the peace of mind that the product will naturally
  3. Decompose and will not damage the environment.

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5 Pack fast-flow teat

Made to the highest standards
Steribottle products are also independently tested to stringent international standard EN14350 by a EU accredited laboratory, to ensure they are safe for babies to use and that the product contains no harmful chemicals including BPA and phthalates. In addition, microbiology tests are undertaken by the laboratory to assure the product is free from harmful bacteria and spores and ready to use, straight from the box.

Steribottle is manufactured in our 100% owned and managed clean-room facility in Budapest, Hungary.

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Where to buy

Steribottle® is one of the UK’s top selling baby bottles. Invented by a parent who knows how precious time can be. Steribottle® is now available in countries across, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Steribottle Ltd is a UK private company with offices in London, England and a factory operated by its wholly owned subsidiary Steribottle Europe Kft in Budapest, Hungary. Please select your country from the list below.

steribottle single use baby bottle
steribottle single use baby bottle