Steribottle and COVID19

Learn more about how we protect you from Coronavirus contamination

Steribottle® is tested to be microorganism free, is untouched by human hands during production and is manufactured in our 100% owned and managed clean-room facility in the EU – in fact it’s one of the few baby feeding products made in Europe.

With Steribottle® you can be assured of a brand-new bottle and teat every feed, no need to wash or sterilise, and no harmful chemicals too. You can be confident that you and your baby are the first to handle the bottle, and when you’re done, simply recycle, or dispose to home compost or landfill to safely biodegrade.

In response to the Covid 19 crisis Steribottle Ltd and our factory, operated by subsidiary Steribottle Europe Kft, have implemented strict social distancing and enhanced control measures to ensure continued safety for its staff and consumers.

Steribottle and COVID 19

Where to buy

Steribottle® is one of the UK’s top selling baby bottles. Invented by a parent who knows how precious time can be. Steribottle® is now available in countries across, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Steribottle Ltd is a UK private company with offices in London, England and a factory operated by its wholly owned subsidiary Steribottle Europe Kft in Budapest, Hungary. Please select your country from the list below.

steribottle single use baby bottle
steribottle single use baby bottle