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Steri-bottle coming to Taiwan 方便餵奶—即將登陸台灣!

Posted on by luke

Steri-bottle ® – is pleased to announce the appointment of BabyCrown as its distribution partner in Taiwan.

BabyCrown is an established brand associated with premium and innovative baby product offerings.

“Our brand concept is that parents are the Kings and Queens of the universe. We believe in treating babies as Princes and Princesses. We believe in attention to detail and the nitty gritty of doing a job well.”Explains BabyCrown’s Managing Director Wesley Lee.

“Our goal is to provide parents with a truly great collection of fun, innovative, and state-of-the-art baby products. We recognize that many parents here in Taiwan are asking us for a product that provides them with a feeding solution when washing and sterilizing are not easy options. Annually, we spend a great deal of time scouring the markets for innovative products we thinkparentsreally want, and we review thousands of items every year. It really boils down to a select few that we think are exceptionally good; when we discovered Steri-bottle® we knew we’d found a winner.”

With a young baby and very busy lives Wesley and his wife Alice conducted their own test, becoming the first parents in Taiwan to try Steri-bottle®

“It was an immediate hit with me” explains Alice “Our first experience of the product was at abusy restaurant. I was impressed by the convenience of having a ready-to-use bottle and I was delighted by the quality and ease of use. Steri-bottle® has a very easy-to -fill wide-neck beaker with clear volume markings and the teat just clicks on and locks in place. It has a teat cover too so that baby can rest between feeds and it can be microwave heated. Once I’d used it I simply placed it in the recycling bin with no messy bottle to take home and wash.”

Jolyon Money, Steri-bottle’s AsPac Director of Operations was equally impressed by BabyCrown.

“We take the selection of distributors very seriously.” Explains Jolyon “We have already excellent partners in Europe, the USA, Australia and Asia and it was soon obvious that BabyCrown had not just the ability to make Steri-bottle a big success in Taiwan, but the enthusiasm and focus on service and product quality too. I was delighted that Wesley and Alice took the initiative to test Steri-bottle for themselves and I’m looking forward to helping them achieve their ambitious goals. I’m particularly excited by their innovative launch plan.”

Innovative launch plans

“Just like our first survey of our baby, we want parents in Taiwan to trial the product and make up their own minds. This is why we are teaming up with a leading international formula milk brand to provide Steri-bottle to consumers on a ‘trial-me basis’ as part of the launch strategy. We are very confident that our Product meets its promise to deliver and lives up to the high expectations of our target group, and future customers, just like it did with us”, Wesley shares.



作為一家著名的台灣嬰兒用品經銷商,BabyCrown旗下擁有許多高端新穎的嬰兒產品。BabyCrown目前已經成為Steri-bottle®在台灣 的獨家經銷商。

“我們品牌的理念是:父母們都是這個世界上的國王和王后,因此寶寶們就是王子和公主,他們應該享受王子和公主般的待遇。我們非常注重細節,努力把工作做到最好。”BabyCrown的總經理Wesley Lee說到。




作為Steri-bottle®亞太區的運營總監,Jolyon Money對BabyCrown讚賞有加。

“我們在選擇經銷商時非常慎重,” Jolyon解釋說。“我們在歐洲、美國、澳洲和亞洲其他地區都擁有非常出色的合作夥伴。我們認為BabyCrown這家公司不僅有能力將Steri-bottle®成功打入台灣市場,而且他們對於產品和服務的熱情與專注也會有助於這一產品大獲成功。我非常高興地看到Wesley和Alice能夠率先試用Steri-bottle®,并希望能協助他們取得更遠大的目標。特別要指出的一點是,我對他們獨具創意的產品發佈計劃充滿了期待。”



Steri-bottle®是一種可以100%回收利用的一次性消毒奶瓶,方便隨時使用。它可以用來灌裝配方奶粉、母乳、飲用水、果汁或其他電解質溶液。Steri-bottle®可以冷藏,可以微波加熱,不含雙酚A、鄰苯二甲酸鹽和鉛等化學物質。Steri-bottle®是在英國設計,使用最先進 的全自動無塵室設備在美國加工生產,在國際市場上銷售。

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